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Welcome to lecanotrouge

lecanotrouge creates original hand-drawn images featuring charming creatures from around the world and from our imagination. Our art prints and greeting; note; and dangler cards bring these characters to life, each with a whimsical tale and positive message. And, while our products specifically focus on our hinterland friends, it is with a larger intention: we hope the lecanotrouge collection, in a quirky, disarming sort of way, encourages awareness; compassion; and action toward the care and protection of animals and their habitat. Our art. Your message. It’s that simple.

Introducing Our New Characters

The Log

If You're Lost, You Can Look and You Will Find Me...

January 27, 2016

Not sure if you are looking at the time stamps on these posts; if you are, a little clarification:  we've changed platforms and moving the... Continue Reading

Milly Vanilly (Girl You Know It's True...Ooh Ooh Ooh...I Love You...)

March 06, 2013

For Milly the Cat, a donation from You (thank you, thank you!). And thanks to Nalini for the heads up on the Toronto Cat Rescue:... Continue Reading


March 06, 2013

We love the work done over at The Gentle Barn, so when they send out a request for help, we try to do whatever we... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Rescue.

March 05, 2013

We received an email from Animal Rescue Corps yesterday: they've just completed the rescue of 60 dogs from the worst dog fighting operation they've ever... Continue Reading


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